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Something Like This But Not This, 90 x 120

Something Like This But Not This, 90 x 120

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SOMETHING LIKE THIS BUT NOT THIS is a part of the 'Life's Journey' collection, 2024 - an art collection sharing the realness of artists' life. It is bold, colorful, impactful, and reminds you that you're not alone. 


A child looking up at the night sky, dreaming of something magical - ‘something unrealistic­’, they say today. Who’s they I’m wondering.

To a child: Please, come and fit in this box - but don’t be too loud, too naughty, too active

To a teenager: Please, come and fit in this box - but don’t be too playful, too unfocused, too cool

To a student: Fit in this box - but don’t be too lazy, too undecided, too stressed

To a parent: Please be this but not this, this and this

To a man, to a woman, to any other gender type: Fit in this box and this is who you are in our system. Don’t be too much of this, but not this and this either..

To any ‘out of norm’ sexuality type: You can be something like this but, please, don’t be this and this, Don’t push it.

To any human being: These are the life boxes for you. Please, fit in them all and be something like this but not this..

It’s all decided for you for some weird reason.


The black monotonous background represents the systems, the boxes, but the letters represent the typical speech we hear and see. While the golden splash comes in crashing - refreshes and awakens the beautiful priceless humans we are. You are golden. No one can take that away from you.


The pain of seeing all the injustices happening in the world, as well as my frustrations with people unconsciously telling me to fit in some sort of a box.

Details: 90 x 120 cm original acrylic/mixed media painting on stretched canvas. Edges of the canvas are painted as a continuation of the painting. Signed at the back.

This is 100% original art, it's not a print or a copy.

Please note that colors may look slightly different on different screens.

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