A self-taught artist deeply passionate about creating impactful works that inspire courage and authenticity.

“I am driven by my own experiences of pain, as well as dreams and hopes for the future. With these experiences I aim to evoke emotion and awareness through my art.

Based in Jyllinge, Denmark


'Life's Journey' collection, 2024 is an art collection sharing the realness of Annijas' life. It is bold, colorful, impactful, and reminds you that you're not alone. 

Here, the story is about evoking emotion and awareness through her work, to inspire and ignite viewers soul.

Each painting has a story and a connection to something Annija has been through.

The viewer is meant to feel the energy and story each painting owns and transform that into its own perception or experience so that the message can live on and hopefully have a positive impact on ones' life.

Impactful, bold and colorful paintings that awaken the soul, start conversations and hopefully make you feel not alone.

Art created out of her intuition and core mission in life.

Seen on 29.-31. March at CPH Artspace exhibition in Docken, Copenhagen. Come and see the artworks live!