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Good Energy Flow, 60 x 90

Good Energy Flow, 60 x 90

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Good Energy Flow is a part of the 'Life's Journey' collection, 2024 - an art collection sharing the realness of artists' life. It is bold, colorful, impactful, and reminds you that you're not alone. 


I am what I think I am. I am who I say I am. I attract who I am. I am jumping in a good energy flow, dancing with stars, and attracting all the good. Colors are not scary - they are a part of me.


The movement represents a part of a spiral galaxy with colors blended together representing an energy flow. 


The movement of galaxies.

Details: 60 x 90 cm original acrylic/mixed media painting on stretched canvas. Edges of the canvas are painted as a continuation of the painting. Signed at the back.

This is 100% original art, it's not a print or a copy.

Please note that colors may look slightly different on different screens.

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