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FUCK IT, 90 x 120

FUCK IT, 90 x 120

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FUCK IT is a part of the 'Life's Journey' collection, 2024 - an art collection sharing the realness of artists' life. It is bold, colorful, impactful, and reminds you that you're not alone. 


It’s time. No more betraying myself. No more being silent, when it’s unfair. No more pleasing, no more saying ‘Yes’ to what doesn’t inspire, light me up. Whatever or whoever that doesn’t align with me anymore needs to go. I am removing myself from this space, from these people, from this energy. I know I deserve better. FUCK IT.


Colors represent vibrant life, joyful soul, inspiration, childlike adventurousness, and curiosity, whereas the black splash represents the dark sides of life and/or people that begin to cast a shadow over time. It grows bigger, greater, and more compact until you’ve had enough. You decide. This is it. Fuck it.

And the darkness starts to melt away.

Inspiration: Toxic workplace, burnout. Having it enough and deciding to take action.

Details: 90 x 120 cm original acrylic/mixed media painting on stretched canvas. Edges of the canvas are painted as a continuation of the painting. Signed at the back.

This is 100% original art, it's not a print or a copy.

Please note that colors may look slightly different on different screens.

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