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Blue Queen, 90 x 120

Blue Queen, 90 x 120

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Blue Queen is a part of the 'Life's Journey' collection, 2024 - an art collection sharing the realness of artists' life. It is bold, colorful, impactful, and reminds you that you're not alone. 

Story & Explanation: 

The blue flow (movement) in the painting represents a cold but genuine response to someone. So often setting boundaries is misinterpreted as something cold or selfish, while it’s actually all about respecting yourself and others. 

‘Blue Queen’ is a symbol of a person who stands up for oneself and is okay with saying ‘No’, turning away, or removing oneself from a situation, place, or relationship. It’s also a reminder that blue or cold is not necessarily always a bad thing - it’s unique, beautiful, and pure.


Water movement, waves crashing at the shore. The good feeling after saying ‘No’ to something that doesn’t feel aligned with me and standing by it.

Details: 90 x 120 cm original acrylic/mixed media painting on stretched canvas. Edges of the canvas are painted as a continuation of the painting. Signed at the back.

This is 100% original art, it's not a print or a copy.

Please note that colors may look slightly different on different screens.

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