Annija B.Munck (1994) is a young passionate self-taught artist from Latvia who moved to Denmark in 2013 (and married a handsome dane in 2022, hence the surname).

She fell in love with creating at an early age but first started exploring painting only when being an international in a foreign country became challenging and lonely.

Art became a place where she could express emotions and be herself.

Her love for nature, especially the sea and the sky, is reflected in her art. Where the sky meets the horizon and the smell of saltiness wafts through the air, there is the greatest peace and inspiration.

Currently, Annija ir experimenting with something not seen before – painting as a sculpture and statement.

This collection is based on her passion to inspire and encourage people to return to themselves and to their dreams. Art created out of her intuition and core mission in life.

Annija knows that this is much bigger than her. 

'It was never about me.'

- Annija B. Munck

About Annija’s creative process:

My painting process is very intuitive and I only paint when I’m inspired. The painting ideas come to me through this inspiration or my daily meditation.

I always let my intuition guide me, I have learned not to push it and what you see on a canvas is a reflection of this magical creative energy. My art is brave, full of passion and at the same time – gentle and uplifting.

Previous exhibitions:

CPH Artspace (Docken) – 15.-17. April, 2022

Lemvigh-Müller A/S Hovedkontor – Sept- Okt, 2020

Bolig Mad Design (Forum) – 25.-27. Okt, 2019