I’m so glad that you’re interested in commissioned work. I’m more than happy to help you design your own special painting or capture a special memory into a painting. It’s simply exciting!

Here are a few tips and tricks to understand the process a little better:

I can work from your inspiration photos, ideas, or references to other pieces of mine. I don’t necessarily NEED a photo of yours to work from to make a commission happen, but I am happy to receive one if you have one!
For example, I have clients come to me telling me which pieces of mine they like (and why), and then tell me exactly what they’d like me to change to make it their own special piece. I can add and subtract from other paintings I’ve done in the past that you love most and create you a whole new custom piece.

We will keep ongoing communication about the artwork process, allowing you to have a say in what happens next or what changes you would like to be made.

No matter how hard it is to decide what you may or may not want, we WILL ALWAYS make it work. I can’t wait to work with you!


Start the journey towards your unique dream piece with the following steps:


1. Decide or have an idea of how you want your painting to be (size, amount, what color palette and style). You can also use inspiration pictures, your own photos or references to other pieces of mine.

2. Contact me and I will help you choose and explain all the possibilities there are.

3. When we have found the final design of your dream painting, we will agree on the price and my delivery time.

4. We will keep ongoing communication about the artwork process until your original painting is ready for pick-up or delivery.

5. Thank you for choosing Art by Annija and I hope your unique painting will bring you lots of great memories each day.