Annija Bodniece is a passionate artist living in Jyllinge, Denmark. She fell in love with creating at an early age. It didn’t end with love poetry, diary entries, and pencil drawing, she continued to explore creative work by studying technical drawing and architecture in different parts of the world. During her studies, she learned the discipline it takes to work both technically and artistically.

Besides designing buildings and creating black’n’white sketches, she decided to experiment with colors and paint. From the very first day, she immediately fell head over heels for painting. Her dearest childhood love story with the sea and the sky have followed along in her painting growth and the exploration hadn’t stopped ever since. She claims it never gets boring and continues to be challenging.

Today, you can find Annija at her creative summerhouse in Jyllinge painting her days away, getting lost in the freedom of sky and ocean waves.

‘My peace and freedom is found in the waves of the ocean, in the wind in my hair, in the sharp salty smell of the air. I find freedom in the vastness of the horizons in the colortones of clouds, in the stunning moments of sunrises, sunsets, dawns, storms, dark nights and everything else in between. This peace and freedom I always try to bring into my paintings. I capture the moment, so it lasts just a little longer.’

Annija Bodniece

Painter / Artist / Ocean lover